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International transportation and shipment services.

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Eurotransport provides shipment services for door-to-door parcels handling. Parcel is a package which weights no more than 50kg (110 lbs), and which dimensions do not exceed following sizes:

The longest side (dimension a) is no longer
than 2 m (78 inch)


the longest side plus circumference
is shorter than 3 m (118 inch)
i.e. a+2b+2c<3m

It is forbidden to pack any food, hazardous materials, explosives, drugs, gold, jelewery an also any materials that are sensitive for change of atmospheric conditions, are badly wrapped or licensed. If you have any doubts, please contact us. Transportation time is about 5 working days. Transportation services are possible among countries of Western Europe. We also deliver packages to the British Isles. We do not exclude possibility of Satrurday deliveries.

How does a shipment express work?
1. You send us an order via e-mail in which you include:
-contents, weight, dimensions of parcel
-time limit of parcel collection and delivery including postal codes, names and phone numbers of contact people
-invoice data, and adress for which it is to be send, if invoice is necessary

2. We check correctness of dimensions and weight, then we send you an order confirmation with precise information for bank transfer or e-mail adress for Pay-Pal payment.

3. Courier collects a shipment from sender, and after a couple of days he delivers it to reciever. If adreesee is not available the parcel can be delivered at another day, or a courier will leave a notice to collect package from the local service center

4. On your request we issue an invoice and send it to the designated address

We kindly invite you to make use of our transportation and logistics services.

Take notice!
We have very advantegous volumetric weight
we assume 1cbm=120 kg, not 300kg!

We kindly invite you to send any inquiries to

Air parcels and courier shipments

Eurotransport offers you services of air transportation of packages from door to door. Dimensions of parcels must allow to load them onto the plane. Transportation time is as follows:
» in Europe 1-2 working days
» around the world - 2-6 working days

There are places, to which we do not deliver parcels by air.

We strongly recommend our services, as in comparison to other air transportations, we have competetive advantage, mainly in field of small parcels.
- No customs payments in the homeland for parcels to/from Poland
- No minimum limits of freight related to airport or handling payments (for reloadings) and minimum freight. Minium price for package is 30 GBP
- Very advantegous volumetric weight. Here 1cbm = 167 kg, not 330 kg.
- We collect and deliver shipments from door to door. There is no need to go to service center.

We kindly invite you to send any inquiries to

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